The Tabernacle in the wilderness was a place for the Israelites to communicate with the almighty Creator himself. But an even more important purpose of the Tabernacle is the picture it provides which points to Jesus and his followers.
For Ages 13 and Older
For Ages 5 through 12
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We show God that we love Him by studying His character and plans. Learn why students of the Bible believe that "hell" is not a place of torment, but it is the "grave." The correct meaning of the word "hell" proves to us that "God is love"  and that He has a merciful plan for all.
For Ages 13 and older
Jesus chose Twelve Apostles whom
he would teach and prepare to bring forth his special message of the Gospel. There are many lessons to be learned from their lives — lessons of truth
and character.
For Ages 8 and Older
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For Ages 5 and Older
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"God's Plan for Everybody"
This beautiful children's book thoroughly explains God's wonderful plan to bring all of mankind into harmony with Him as a world-wide loving family.
Ten Commandments were given
only to the Nation of Israel. Even
though Christians are not under the
Law of the Commandments, there are
many lessons we can learn from these.
The Law of Love can be found in every
one of the Commandments.
For Ages 11 and Older
"Fruits & Graces in the Garden of God" Workbook. This workbook provides Bible stories and lessons which illustrate the fruitage of character that each Christian should develop as they grow. A lesson reminder test and an activity follows each of the fruits of the spirit.
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