The Tabernacle in the wilderness was a place for the Israelites to communicate with the almighty Creator himself. But an even more important purpose of the Tabernacle is the picture it provides which points to Jesus and his followers.
For Ages 13 and Older
Eight Part Video Series
About 30 Minutes Total Length
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The Bible speaks of the Great Pyramid as an "altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt" and that it will be a "sign and a witness" to the Lord. (Isaiah 19:19, 20) The symbolism discovered in the Great Pyramid is a storehouse of important scientific, historic and prophetic truths. Go to the Lesson Corner for a project on the subject of the Great Pyramid and God's plan.
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For Ages 13 and Older
Examine the fascinating historical, geological and scientific discoveries which confirm the Biblical account of the Flood in the Days of Noah. Learn what circumstances and atmospheric conditions precipitated this incredible world altering event.
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For Ages 13 and Older